Secrets For Training A German Shepherd

This post was written by London Dog Walker on May 30, 2010
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German Shepherd dogs make great pets. If you have decided to get a German Shepherd puppy, spend some time to train them properly. Training puppies to stop biting and tips for how to stop a dog barking are important when training German Shepherd pups. German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the world. GSDs are extremely loyal and protective of their family and home. Although very intelligent, some German Shepherds exhibit negative behaviors and sometimes bite or bark a lot. As their name suggests, German Shepherds were originally bred to herd animals. German Shepherd Obedience Training is recommended for puppies to help prevent negative behaviors like barking and biting. German Shepherd training does not have to be difficult when you learn the best tips from experts.

Click here for the best German Shepherd Training Tips: German Shepherd Training

How to Stop a Puppy from Biting? The best way to stop puppy biting is to determine the cause of their biting. Like human children, puppies go through the process of losing their “baby teeth” when their adult teeth come in. You can supply your puppy with treats and toys made especially for puppy teething in an attempt to stop puppy biting. While they are teething, there are some other ways you can try to stop puppy from biting, however. Make sure that you are encouraging positive behaviors and discouraging the negative behaviors.

Finding a way to get your dog to stop barking may be a little more difficult. Often, special dog training to stop barking is needed. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, some of them actually helpful. Dogs may bark to warn us of danger or to protect our home and families from strangers. A dog that constantly barks can quickly become exasperating. Excessively barking dogs, (whether yours or the neighbor’s) can be even more aggravating if you’re in the dark about how to stop dog barking. Pretty simply, you must first get to the bottom of WHY a dog is barking if you are going to stop a barking dog. It could be that your dog is simply trying to alert you of something or someone, in which case you will need to either move your dog or get rid of the person of thing in order to stop a dog barking.

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